Support In Dementia

What We Do

Consultancy and Service Improvement

Support in Dementia works with commissioners to develop organisations. We welcome the opportunity to action change that improves outcomes for people with dementia and their families.
Together we explore service improvement questions, such as:

  • What are we hoping to achieve for people with dementia using this service?
  • What changes can Support In Dementia help to make that will result in the improvement that we seek?
  • How will we know when a change is an improvement to the experience of people with dementia using this service?

We will identify key issues and provide a methodology that will assist teams to monitor their progress against the actions identified.
Support In Dementia can also implement established organisational plans, policies and procedures to improve dementia care. 

Support in Dementia are skilled and experienced consultants.  We have led and contributed to a wide range of service improvement and evaluation projects including:

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Presenting at the Alzheimer's Show 2016  


Commissioners include:

  • Whittington Health, implementation of the service improvement plan for Whittington Health; including the co-ordination and delivery of the dementia education and training programme and improving dementia care environments for in-patients
  • Bravery Care, ongoing specialist advice and support for care staff and family carers
  • Movement for Change, safeguarding advice and policy review
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC), provision of specialist advice to inspections teams in health and social care settings
  • Aged Care Channel Television (ACCTV), provision of specialist advice in the development of training and education films

Support in Demnetia name badges

Supporting Dementia Awareness Week at Whittington Hospital’