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Dementia Training

Support In Dementia is a specialist provider of training. We enable those supporting people with dementia by providing them with the essential information, resources, knowledge and skills they need in order to successfully ensure the provision of sustainable person centred dementia care and support.

We achieve this by:

  • Appreciating the experiences of those we work alongside and deliver training to
  • Offering learning opportunities that are interesting, relevant, helpful and engaging
  • Recognising that the organisational needs and the training needs of those supporting people vary
  • Providing bespoke programmes that meet the needs of either a specific group of practitioners or a diverse group of learners from differing occupational backgrounds
  • Planning our programmes with you to ensure that all engagement and learning styles are met and topics are explored and covered in a meaningful and helpful way

Training programmes are delivered at a venue of your selection, depending on the course content and location we accommodate between 12 and 20 participants on each training day.

A comprehensive training needs analysis will be provided before training delivery. All Programmes are costed individually and range from £350 and £950 per per day.

Meaningful Activities training for staff at Autumn Lodge, Hove

Meaningful Activities training for staff at Autumn Lodge, Hove



Topics include:

  • Person Centred Care
  • Understanding Dementia
  • Positive Communication
  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Assessing the needs of people with dementia
  • Sexuality, Intimacy and Personal Relationships
  • Promoting Meaningful Activities
  • Planning End of Life Care
  • Providing an Enabling Environment
  • Promoting Dementia Friendly Services
  • Positive Risk Taking
  • Understanding the Mental Capacity Act and DoLs
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • The Dementia Awareness Trainer

If you cannot see the topic you are interested in, please contact us to discuss.

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Support in Dementia has been approved by OCN London to deliver qualifications and accredited courses

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All our accredited courses are mapped to the Skills for Health / Skills for Care Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework.

Camden CEPN (Community Education Network Provider) commissioned ‘Support in Dementia’ to assist with several workshops that were held for Multi Professional Learning Groups (MPLG’s) in Camden. The sessions were delivered the sessions with immense clarity touching on the Care Act, Assessing Capacity & Safeguarding despite the limited time scales of the workshop.

The sessions were tailored for all levels of community care professionals such as social workers, care navigators, GP’s, pharmacists and practice nurses providing an insight into dementia and the world around those living with the symptoms. The style of training was relaxed yet instructive and delegates complimented the trainers on the usefulness of the case study that was discussed with their peers and the skill sets gained allowing them to leave the session with more confidence in best practice and a better understanding within their areas of care. Overall an outstanding workshop as agreed by Camden CEPN and all delegates who attended.

Jane Stokes, Community Matters, Project Support Camden CEPN 2017